Innovation, Inclusion and Impact: Harvard’s 13th Social Enterprise Conference

This weekend, the social entrepreneurial atmosphere will be filled with innovation, inclusion and impact as Harvard launches its 13th Social Enterprise Conference, February 25 through 26.

The conference, organized by students of the Harvard Business School and  Harvard Kennedy School, will have four amazing keynote speakers, 25 panelists and 9 workshops.  More than 1,200 will be present and ready to engage with the world’s most inspirational and successful leaders of social entrepreneurship, including Bill Drayton, CEO and Founder of Ashoka and Larry Brilliant, president de Skoll Global Threats Funds.  Be sure to check out the other empowering young entrepreneurs that will be sharing their experiences.

Yet beyond prestige and ample traction, what you will find here is synergy.  This is event guarantees nonstop interaction between all participants – experts and aspiring youth alike.  To make this happen, workshops aim to foster thought-provoking discussion rather than seem too lecture-like.  Each participant will be able to choose among a plethora of themes and topics, ranging from education for young women and managing risk in growth-targeted micro-investments for those in the developing world to the strategic use of public-private partnerships to tackle issues of social development.

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The winners of the Pitch for Change competition, awarding the best elevator pitch for an innovating social initiative, will also be presented during the event.  Winners will receive consulting hours Root Cause and Echoing Green, foundations dedicated to promoting social innovation.  The top two winners will be sent directly to the final round of the 2013 Echoing Green Fellowship  and first place will be sent directly to the  semifinal rounds of the Dell Social Innovation Challenge 2012.

EmprendeSocial will bring you the best of Harvard Social Enterprise Conference this weekend live through our social networks and will connect you with the livestreaming of keynote speakers.  Interested in a specific issue or presenter?  Let us know and we will be on the lookout to strike a connection!

Photo Credit: Rubayat Khan

Publicado por Andrea Cornejo

Editora y Directora de EmprendeSocial, publicación de emprendimento social en Latinoamérica / Chief editor and founder of social entrepreneurship publication EmprendeSocial.

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